When it comes to driving, it is essential that a great deal of care is exercised, it is a crucial act which involves full concentration, as any small mistake could lead to a loss of mind. Not everyone who takes to the wheels is healthy, and this is risky both for the driver and those on the road.

Hence, there is a need for the mind and body to be fully fit, because they work hand-in-hand for you to drive safely. As a driver, the last thing you need is an unhealthy mind, because lives are at stake including yours.

First off, drivers need a healthy mind because lives are involved, and this can be achieved if he stays away from substance use- drugs and alcohol. The usage of drugs and alcohol is not good for a driver, as there are lots of detrimental benefits which are attached to it. A driver who takes drugs and alcohol on a daily basis, is undergoing a very risky act.

These substances are known to steal focus and attention, you become less attentive to what it occurring on the road, because of the usage of drugs and alcohol. These substances take you away from reality, making you oblivious to what it going on around you.

Also, as a driver, you need a good vision while driving, and taking certain substances inhibits that. From time to time, drivers who drink and take drugs would notice that their vision is blurred, making it difficult to identify objects on the road.

In addition to this, drivers need a healthy mind in order to maintain the rules and regulations of road safety regulatory body in any country. Having a healthy mind ensures that they are kept safe from any form of penalty which could arise as a result of failure to adhere to the set rules.

Again, drivers are role models of some sort, especially for those who have children. They look up to you in every way, and if you are someone who has one or two issues when driving, it sets a bad example to your child, or anyone who looks up to you.

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