Drug driving is a serious problem which affects road safety. Driving under the influence of drugs does not only portend that you are endangering your life, the lives of other people on the road are at risk because of your hazardous act. When drugs are taken in low doses, it can greatly impair your driving skills.

For instance, those who take cannabis will discover that, it becomes difficult to drive faster than usual, and it gets hard to remain awake. In addition, maintaining the designated lanes would be difficult, and this could result in flouting of various road rules which can earn for the driver, a strict penalty if he is discovered to drive under the influence of drugs.

Also, a driver who takes prescription medication either illegally or legally, needs to be aware of the possible risks involved during driving. The individual would feel aggressive, drowsy, dizzy, light-headed and would feel like collapsing. Driving this way is not advisable, because your vision might be impaired.

Some drivers are also known to go to the extent of mixing some drugs and driving alongside. The impact which comes with this, cannot be precisely unpredictable. However, it is dangerous to indulge in this act. There is a huge chance of getting involved in a road crash. For instance, using cannabis and alcohol, can further and quickly impair the driving ability of an individual.

When it comes to the effect of any drug, it has different degrees of effect in everyone. The impact which comes with this, is dependent on factors such as thee size and weight of the person, the frequency of taking the drug, and the mixing with other drugs.

With these factors in place, it becomes difficult to know exactly, and how combining drugs could impair the ability of a person to drive in a safe manner.

In order to ensure safety on the roads, it is advised that drivers who use drugs should not drive. Rather, they should contact their healthcare practitioner, and relay all what has occurred in their taking of drugs. This would assist them in reducing the chances of unfavorable exchanges between drugs.

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