How drivers can prevent substance addiction

The necessity of drivers in the world is of utmost importance as they assist in the transportation of people, goods, and even services. Safe and proper transportation of these commodities and people requires alertness, focus, and self-discipline, which can all be affected due to substance addiction.

Substance addiction is the excessive use of a substance. Some of these substances include marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and even medically prescribed drugs when one ignores medical advice. These chemical substances can impair the ability of the consumer to make focused decisions which may result in life-threatening results for the consumer or those around.

In most cases, substance addiction might not have been pre-conceived as even medically prescribed drugs (for example, opioids) can become addictive based on the way and period of consumption. There is a need for drivers to pay attention and develop ways to prevent substance addiction. Some of these ways are;

1. Attention to diet: Drivers tend to eat more unhealthy meals due to the rigor and early hours of their jobs. Some even prefer roadside meals and snacks to keep up with the time and hustle of the job. These reflect poorly on their diets and exposes them to diseases and sicknesses which require medical attention and drugs, some of which might eventually become addictive.

2. Adequate rest: To earn more, drivers tend to work round the clock and neglect rest by taking stimulants. These stimulants, unknowingly to most drivers, could become addictive and over some time affect the focus and alertness of the driver. Drivers need to take proper amount of rest to keep good body function.

3. Regular exercise: Exercising helps to keep the body, mind, and thoughts in good condition. Exercising also reduces the chances of heart diseases, helps to improve thinking and quick decisions. All these results in less need or dependence on drugs or any chemical substance and help lengthen their health.

4. Avoid self-medication: Self-medication is the act of treating one’s self mostly with chemical substances without proper consultation of trained personnel. It is usually common among drivers as they want to be on the go to keep up with the job. However, self-medicating breeds substance addiction. It is, therefore, necessary for drivers to avoid self-medication.

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