Drug driving is a serious problem which affects road safety. Driving under the influence of drugs does not only portend that you are endangering your life, the lives of other people on the road are at risk because of your hazardous act. When drugs are taken in low doses, it can greatly impair your driving skills.

For instance, those who take cannabis will discover that, it becomes difficult to drive faster than usual, and it gets hard to remain awake. In addition, maintaining the designated lanes would be difficult, and this could result in flouting of various road rules which can earn for the driver, a strict penalty if he is discovered to drive under the influence of drugs.

Also, a driver who takes prescription medication either illegally or legally, needs to be aware of the possible risks involved during driving. The individual would feel aggressive, drowsy, dizzy, light-headed and would feel like collapsing. Driving this way is not advisable, because your vision might be impaired.

Some drivers are also known to go to the extent of mixing some drugs and driving alongside. The impact which comes with this, cannot be precisely unpredictable. However, it is dangerous to indulge in this act. There is a huge chance of getting involved in a road crash. For instance, using cannabis and alcohol, can further and quickly impair the driving ability of an individual.

When it comes to the effect of any drug, it has different degrees of effect in everyone. The impact which comes with this, is dependent on factors such as thee size and weight of the person, the frequency of taking the drug, and the mixing with other drugs.

With these factors in place, it becomes difficult to know exactly, and how combining drugs could impair the ability of a person to drive in a safe manner.

In order to ensure safety on the roads, it is advised that drivers who use drugs should not drive. Rather, they should contact their healthcare practitioner, and relay all what has occurred in their taking of drugs. This would assist them in reducing the chances of unfavorable exchanges between drugs.


Drinking alcohol and driving are two opposite sides of a coin. As a matter of fact, they are two parallel lines which should never meet. However, these days, there are people who endanger their lives and that of others, by taking alcohol before driving. What’s more, there are some cases of people who take alcohol during the course of driving.

Drivers who are impaired by alcohol are dangerous, and they can be likened to a bomb waiting to explode. Driving has the capacity to adversely affect the driving skills of an individual.

The first area of your body which is affected by alcohol is your brain, and this implies that your judgment will be affected. Hence, when driving, the normal brain abilities which include proper reasoning, clear thoughts pattern, ability to plan ahead and make good decisions, will be negatively affected by alcohol.

In addition, alcohol prevents you from focusing on the various tasks which are involved in driving. Therefore, you will find yourself focusing on one action, and leaving the others. There are times when it is important that you divide your attention properly, and alcohol disallows you from doing this.

When you do not properly focus on the road, a collision could occur. A good number of traffic accidents are usually because of a drunk driver who was unfocused and has a minimal attention span.

Alcohol also impairs your ability to properly comprehend. It makes it difficult for you to interpret and understand road signs which you need to give prompt response to. When you are faced with an emergency situation, alcohol can make you confused on the best step to take.

It would also interest you to know that, alcohol affects your coordination. Better put, it disengages your gross motor skills and fine motor skills, even though it entails fixing the key into ignition and strolling to your car.

Alcohol also affects your vision, it reduces the eye muscle function and steps-down peripheral vision. Drivers are advised that they reduce their intake of alcohol, especially before they get behind the wheels, in order to safeguard their lives and that of others on the road.


A good driver has some amazing features which makes him stand out among other drivers behind the wheel. When we are driving on the road on a regular basis, it would be a common sight to see people who drive badly and do not follow the necessary driving rules, which has one ultimate goal: Safeguarding the lives of others.

Bad drivers do not stick to traffic rules; they skip lane driving. Some of them even pick calls while driving, and they talk for a good while, not minding the fact that their attention is divided and there are people on the road whose lives depend on the quality of his driving.

To start with, a good driver is one who is not addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are some drivers who are in the habit of taking drugs or alcohol so that it can help them feel better. This is a bad habit which should be avoided, as these substances have a way of messing with the brain, preventing the driver from making the right decisions on the road.

In addition, alcohol and drugs also have a way of interfering with the vision of the driver. Hence, images of people and objects might look confusing to him, and it could be hard making the right move. A driver who is not addicted to alcohol and drugs has a better chance at saving lives, than someone who is addicted.

Furthermore, a good driver needs to have a good mental health. Some people take to the wheels while depressed, and they sulk over it while driving. This is bad and risky, as there is a tendency for the driver to make mistakes. Hence, if your mental health is not functioning properly, it is required that you stay off the wheels till you get back on your feet.

Conclusively, a good driver keeps all the rules of the road. He knows what is expected of him, and he abides by them. He understands that flouting those rules could spell doom not only for himself, but for other drivers and pedestrians.


When it comes to driving, it is essential that a great deal of care is exercised, it is a crucial act which involves full concentration, as any small mistake could lead to a loss of mind. Not everyone who takes to the wheels is healthy, and this is risky both for the driver and those on the road.

Hence, there is a need for the mind and body to be fully fit, because they work hand-in-hand for you to drive safely. As a driver, the last thing you need is an unhealthy mind, because lives are at stake including yours.

First off, drivers need a healthy mind because lives are involved, and this can be achieved if he stays away from substance use- drugs and alcohol. The usage of drugs and alcohol is not good for a driver, as there are lots of detrimental benefits which are attached to it. A driver who takes drugs and alcohol on a daily basis, is undergoing a very risky act.

These substances are known to steal focus and attention, you become less attentive to what it occurring on the road, because of the usage of drugs and alcohol. These substances take you away from reality, making you oblivious to what it going on around you.

Also, as a driver, you need a good vision while driving, and taking certain substances inhibits that. From time to time, drivers who drink and take drugs would notice that their vision is blurred, making it difficult to identify objects on the road.

In addition to this, drivers need a healthy mind in order to maintain the rules and regulations of road safety regulatory body in any country. Having a healthy mind ensures that they are kept safe from any form of penalty which could arise as a result of failure to adhere to the set rules.

Again, drivers are role models of some sort, especially for those who have children. They look up to you in every way, and if you are someone who has one or two issues when driving, it sets a bad example to your child, or anyone who looks up to you.


Taking alcohol is not entirely bad, where it gets wrong is taking it excessively on a frequent basis. It gets even worse when someone drinks alcohol before driving. There is a possibility that danger on the road is imminent.

In some countries, if a driver is found driving under the influence of alcohol, the driver could get jail time.

No matter the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream of an individual, it could affect the driving ability of the person. Alcohol addiction comes with great risk, because of the lives of people on the road, and you, the driver. A driver who has taken alcohol before driving will find it difficult to make the right judgement, and also respond promptly to situations.

If there is any sudden movement or change on the road which requires the driver to quickly apply the brakes, someone who is under the influence of alcohol will have a slow reaction time, and lives could get lost in the process.

In addition to this, the driver who is under the influence of alcohol, will have lack of coordination. Taking alcohol excessively, impairs the motor skills of an individual, as the foot, eye and hand coordination will be greatly affected. This makes it difficult to avert an unfortunate situation.

Furthermore, alcohol addiction reduces concentration on the road. During the period of driving, there are many features which demands the prompt attention of the driver, such as being observant to the traffic signals, remaining on the right lane amongst others. However, when the driver drinks alcohol, the attention span is greatly reduced, and the chances of an accident occurring increases.

The driver also experiences decreased vision. The driver would notice that his vision has gone blurred, and it could be hard to clearly make out the necessary features on the road.

Drivers are advised that they stay off alcohol before they start driving, so that they can remain alert and fully aware of what is happening during the entire period behind the wheels.