Addiction treatment for drivers

Getting treated for addiction is one of the best steps to reduce the rate of accidents on the road that are caused by addicted drivers.

When addicted drivers undergo addiction treatment, they end up being able to make the right decisions on the road and avoid being a menace to other road users.

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Here are some steps that this addiction treatment may entail


Addicted drivers who are struggling with drugs and alcohol may need to undergo detoxification, depending on the severity of their addiction. The essence of detoxification is to remove toxins and chemicals that have accumulated in the body due to the intake of drugs and alcohol.

Detoxification is usually done under the supervision of a health professional so that they can manage the withdrawal symptoms that come with the process.


The counselor helps the addicted driver to understand the nature of their addiction, and why it developed. Counseling gives the driver a broader perspective on their addicted lifestyle, showing them the dangers that come with continued addiction habit.

Additionally, counseling helps to develop a therapeutic alliance between the counselor and the addicted driver, so that the latter feels comfortable to open up to them.

Inpatient treatment

Inpatient treatment is for those who have a more chronic case of addiction. Such individuals might have to remain in rehab for a stipulated period till they become sober.

This means that they might be away from their home, work, and families for a while because they need close monitoring.

The decision to undergo inpatient treatment usually lies in the hands of the healthcare provider or therapist after they’ve assessed the addiction situation.

Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment is for addicted drivers with milder cases of addiction. Hence, outpatient treatment allows the driver to go about their regular duties, and still receive treatment.


Aftercare treatment is important in preventing relapse. So, even after the addicted driver achieves sobriety, they still need to get enrolled in an aftercare program so that they won’t go back to their addiction lifestyle.